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Three Paschal Responses

Composer: Tony Barr
Format: Click & Print Octavo
Voicing: 2-part Choir; Descant; Cantor; Assembly
Instruments: optional C Instrument; optional Tuned Percussion; Guitar; Keyboard
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Tony Barr has crafted these three practical seasonal responses that will be readily assimilated by your assembly.  Comosed in a mantra style, these ready-to-go settings include the comoser's performance suggestions and optional instrument parts.  "Praise to You" features a children's canon; "And God Saw That It Was Good" is the Easter Vigil Genesis response; and "Springs of Water" is a sprinkling rite with poetic images of nature.
Topic:  "Praise to You" - Entrance procession; Children's Liturgy of the Word dismissal; Liturgy of the Word with Children; Commissioning; Blessing of Easter Foods
"And God Saw That It Was Good"- Easter Vigil, Morning or Evening Praise; Stewardship; Creation; Environmental Concerns
"Springs of Water" - Easter Vigil; Sprinkling Rite; Blessing of Water; Baptism
Three Paschal Reponses
Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ Listen
And God Saw That It Was Good Listen
Springs of Water Listen
1). Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ
2). And God Saw That It Was Good
3). Springs of Water
1). This response is in canon form (two to four voices), and may be sung by children as a round, suitable as a processional or a dismissal.  Choose any verse that is appropriate for the occasion.
2). Introduction/Interlude is to be played during the proclamation of the Genesis creation story (Gn 1:1--2-2).  Repeat as needed until text cue, then increase volume to lead cantor to intone the Response.  After the Response, begin again softly at Introduction/Interlude, repeating as needed throughout the reading.  Composer suggests varying the keyboard accompaniment by beginning with R.H. only and gradually adding the piece continues.
Series Title:  Music for the Seasons
First Line:  1). Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, king of endless glory!
2). And God saw that is was good.
3). Springs of water, O bless the Lord!
Length:  8 pages
Copyright:  1). Text of verse 1: The English translation of the Lenten Gospel Acclamation from the Lectionary for Mass © 1969, 1981, 1997, International Committee on English in the Liturgy, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Text of verses 2-20 and music © 1986, 2000, World Library Publications.  All rights reserved.
2). Copyright © 2008, World Library Publications.  All rights reserved.
3). Copyright © 2008, World Library Publications.  All rights reserved.
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