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Dolores Hruby celebrated New Life on March 29, 2008 as she returned ‘home’ to be with her God. In her wonderful lifetime on this earth Dolores gifted the Church as choir director, choral clinician from coast to coast, and composer of sacred music. Her works have been published by ten publishers, including World Library Publications.

In 1983, Dolores received the Alleluia Award from the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan for her outstanding work in church music. Her articles appeared regularly in music journals, particularly in the Choristers Guild Letters, and in Pastoral Music.

In July of 1984, she was honored with Spotlight on a Michigan Composer at the Michigan State University church music workshop in East Lansing.

Dolores received her Bachelor of Music degree from the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, where she studied composition under Leo Sowerby. She later received her Master of Music degree from Michigan State University.

In the summer of 1987, the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) held its first national seminar devoted totally to work with children in Catholic schools and churches. Dolores was on the faculty, taught a workshop, and directed one of two children's choirs. In 1988 she served in the same capacity at the first national seminar devoted exclusively to children's choirs. In 1992 she taught for NPM in Omaha and Washington, D.C.

For many, many years Dolores served as music coordinator at St. Jude Catholic Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, overseeing all liturgical music, and directing the children’s and adult choirs.

We rejoice with Dolores as she lives in the beauty of eternity with her God.