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El Señor Es Compasivo/The Lord Is Rich in Kindness: Salmo 103 Click and Print

Composer: Peter M. Kolar
Format: Click & Print Octavo
Voicing: Coro, Discante, Cantor, Asamblea
Choir, Descant, Cantor, Assembly
Instruments: Flauta opcional, Guitarra, Piano
optional Flute, Guitar, Piano
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This expressive setting of Psalm 103 by Peter Kolar is the perfect way to introduce your choir and congregation to bilingual singing. The refrain can be picked up in an instant and is a natural in either language. The through-composed flute part, though challenging, adds this composer's distinctive musical touch, making a fine piece even better.
Topic:  Ash Wednesday; Baptism; Forgiveness; Grace; Initiation; Marriage; Mercy; Penance; Psalms; RCIA; Reconciliation; Responsorial Psalm; Wedding; Common Psalm; Anointing of the Sick; Confession
Liturgical Season:  Ordinary Time
Sunday of the Year:  Easter 7 Year B; Lent 2 Year A; Lent 2 Year B; Lent 3 Year C; Lent 5 Year B; Ordinary Time 19 Year A; Ordinary Time 21 Year B; Ordinary Time 22 Year B; Ordinary Time 22 Year C; Ordinary Time 24 Year A; Ordinary Time 25 Year B; Ordinary Time 28 Year B; Ordinary Time 6 Year C; Ordinary Time 7 Year A; Ordinary Time 7 Year B; Ordinary Time 7 Year C; Ordinary Time 8 Year B; Ordinary Time 8 Year C
Scripture:  Psalm 103;4,8,10,12-13
Rites and Devotion:  Anointing of the Sick: Marriage; Wedding; Reconciliation; Penance; Baptism; Confession
El Señor es Compasivo/The Lord is Rich in Kindness: Psalm 103 Listen
Besides appearing often throughout the liturgical year, Psalm 103 is a common psalm for Ordinary Time; it is appropriate for use during Lent, for reconciliation services, for evening prayer or for funeral masses. This musical setting of Psalm 103 lends itself to the contemplative nature of the poetry: the slow tempo and long melody should remain steady and never rushed.

Optional flute and trumpet parts are available.
Series Title:  Cantos del Pueblo de Dios
First Line:  El Señor es compasivo y misericordioso; The Lord is rich in kindness, abounding in compassion.
Secondary Language:  Spanish
Length:  16 pages
Copyright:  Texto español © 1970, Conferencia Episcopal Española
Texto ingles y música Copyright © 1998, World Library Publications

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El Señor Es Compasivo/The Lord Is Rich in Kindness: Psalm 103

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