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We Gather Together CD

Composer: Ronald Rendek
Format: CD
Product: 002296
ISBN: 0-937690-76-7
Unit: Each
Price: $17.00
Availability: Currently in Stock
A compilation of diverse sacred and secular music specifically for the solo guitar, including hymn tunes, spirituals, works from the 15th-18th centuries, music from native South America, and several new compositions.
Cancion (Trad. South American) Listen
Oracion (Gomez) Listen
Prelude (Bach) Cello Suite 1 Listen
Oremus (Tarrega) Listen
Sonnet (Valderabanno) Listen
My Soul is Longing for Your Peace (Dess, Arrange Rendek) Listen
Prelude (Roncalli) Listen
Sarabande (Roncalli) Listen
Gigue (Roncalli) Listen
Pasacaglia (Roncalli) Listen
We Gather Together (Kremser, Arr. Rendek) Listen
Simple Gifts (Arr. Rendek) Listen
Meditation (Bogdan) Listen
Morning Song (Arr. Rendek) Listen
The Ash Grove (Arr. Rendek) Listen
Thaxted (Holst, Arr. Rendek) Listen
Prelude (Roncalli) Listen
Sarabande from Violin Partita 1 (Bach) Listen
Double from Violin Partita 1 (Bach) Listen
Rondeau (van Ghizeghem) Listen
Rondeau Variation ( van Ghizeghem) Listen
Improvisation (Rendek) Listen
Fantasy (Burns) Listen
When Shall We Meet (Nagi, Arr. Rendek) Listen

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