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Guadalupe: Virgen de los Indios CD

Composer: Christopher Moroney: SAVAE
Format: CD
Product: 002349
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Guadalupe, Virgen de los Indios--The San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble hits a high mark with this recording of indigenous Mexican and Central American homages to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Historically, the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to Nahua Indian Juan Diego in 1531, prompting a flush of visual arts, crafts, and musical compositions. These 18 pieces reach back to the mid 16th century, and to approximate the period's likely fusion of formal, through composed Spanish practices with indigenous improvisatory methods, SAVAE has scripted percussion and flute accompaniment to the European-tinged vocals. Culled from cathedral archives, the vocal parts are as rich as any comparable work from continental Europe. The Mesoamerican instruments add nuance, accentuation, and contrasts: the clay flutes used only occasionally create at once an airiness and timbrally-scouring undertones. The percussion (mostly log and clay drums) is similarly deep-toned and wispy, providing an often gently propulsive rhythmic framework. In many cases, these compositions have never before been recorded. Add to this historical value the mix of national styles, and this package is vital to Latin American music enthusiasts and early-music cognoscenti alike.
Abrase el reyna del cielo Listen
Mañanitas a la Virgen de Guadalupe Listen
Dios es ya naçido Listen
Aquestando tonceria Listen
Aufer a nobis iniquitates Listen
Nican Mopohua Listen
Virgen Madre de Dios Listen
O Virgen Maria Listen
Al prodigio mayor Listen
De la Sagrada Maria; Forcado de Amor Listen
Bay magalhi/Magalhi Listen
Dulce Consuelo Listen
De nepa tepatzin Listen
Hoi nace la nueba estiella Listen
Tepeyacac Listen
In il huicac cihuapille Listen
Y technepa sacramento Dios Listen
Ma Xiccaqui Listen

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