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Al Partir el Pan/When We Break This Bread

Composer: Pedro Rubalcava
Format: Octavo
Voicing: 2- or 3-part Choir; Cantor; Assembly; Coro a Dos o Tres Voces; Cantor; Asamblea
Instruments: 2 Trumpets in Bb; 2 Violins; Guitar; Piano; 2 Trompetas; 2 Violines; Guitarra; Piano
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Pedro Rubalcava's musical skill and pastoral sensitivity are evident in this lyrical bilingual Communion song. WLP's Peter Kolar contributes his arranging skills to this new octavo, originally published on the CD  Hoy Nos Reunimos en Nombre de Dios. The vocal and instrumental harmonies in the refrain enrich the cantor and assembly's melody. The verses are presented in both languages and offer harmonic variety as you progress through the piece. This is a great addition or introductory choral work for your bilingual repertoire.
Topic:  Communion, Communion procession, Eucharist, unity, cross, sacrifice, eternal life; Holy Thursday; Body & Blood of Christ
Sunday of the Year:  Ordinary Time 18 Year A; Ordinary Time 16 Year B, Ordinary Time 17 Year B, Ordinary Time 18 Year B, Ordinary Time 19 Year B, Ordinary Time 20 Year B; Ordinary Time4 Year A; Ordinary Tme 6 Year A; Ordinary Time 7 Year A; Ordinary Time 8 Year A; Ordinary Time 9 Year A; Lent 1 Year A; Lent 5 Year A; Easter 3 Year A; Ordinary Time 15 Year A; Ordinary Time 16 Year A; Ordinary Time 19 Year A; Ordinary Time 21 Year A; Ordinary Time 26 Year A; Ordinary Time 31 Year A; Ordinary Time 4 Year B
Rites and Devotion:  Communion; Eucharist
Al Partir el Pan/When We Eat this Bread Listen
Performance Notes:
La melodía puede ser cantada por los Sopranos y por los Bajos; el armonía puede ser cantado por los Contraltos y por los Tenores.
Melody may be sung by Sopranos and Basses; harmony may be sung by Altos and Tenors.
Series Title:  Cantos del Pueblo de Dios Choral Series
Arranger:  Peter M. Kolar
First Line:  Al partir el pan de la unidad
When we break this bread of unity
Secondary Language:  English; Spanish; Bilingual
Length:  12 pages
Copyright:  Copyright © 2000, 2002, 2009, World Library Publications

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