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Set the World on Fire

Composer: Noelle Garcia
Format: CD
Product: 001895
ISBN: 978-1-58459-450-5
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Price: $17.00
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A new force to be reckoned with, Noelle Garcia has taken the country by storm with her pop-influenced style of songs that cry out the word of God.  On her second album Noelle takes us on her journey from childhood to becoming a young woman, and expresses the trials and tribulations of growing up in today's world.  A true role model for teenagers and young adults everywhere, this is a collection no adolescent--or parent--should miss.  
Topic:  Word of God; Thanks and Praise
"As I sat down to listen to “Set the World on Fire” I came to realize that [Noelle Garcia McHugh] has the capability to do just that!  There is a great variety in styles throughout this CD...a few songs in particular drew my attention. I felt as though Noelle was speaking for me in “Stay by My Side” where she is calling for God’s guidance and love in her weakness. “Song for Our Soldiers” is a song of dedication to our men and women who put their lives on the line every day for our safety and freedom. The visual of a small child in Noelle’s “Like a Child” drew me into this song. In our fast paced world, we forget about the humble simplicity of a child and seeing the world through pure eyes.  Lastly is the title track “Set the World on Fire.” Noelle challenges us all to follow our Lord and put ourselves out there to make a difference in this world for love of Him. Noelle has the gifts to be a key player on this front.
I highly recommend this CD to all ages, but know that it will be a draw for the teens that she works with on a regular basis." — Reviewed by Sally Bolderson.
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Set the World on Fire Listen
Release Listen
Like a Child Listen
Flight into Egypt Listen
Beautiful to Me Listen
Come, Be My Light Listen
I Love You, Lord Listen
Hand of God Listen
Stay by My Side Listen
All I Know Listen
Song for Our Soldiers Listen
Holy Sacrifice Listen

Song for Our Soldiers Video from Noelle's CD, Set the World on Fire

Age:  Teens; Young Adult
Copyright:  Copyright © 2009, World Library Publications

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