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Liturgical Dance: Revised & Abridged Book

Authors: Gloria Weyman: Rev. Lucien Deiss, CSSp
Format: Book
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ISBN: 0-937690-40-6
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This newly-revised book presents a series of examples for liturgical dancers who desire to serve the worshiping community with beauty, dignity, and grace. Includes choreography for nine dances that may be adapted to various musical compositions, and suggestions for dress, plus the answers to questions of who, how, where, and when to dance. The companion video is essential for anyone preparing for sacred dance and gesture in their communities. It is set in a parish church and features young children, teens, and adults, many of whom have no formal training. It demonstrates the many possibilities for enhancing the prayerfulness and beauty of worship through this prayer form.
PART ONE: Liturgical Dance
Introduction; Liturgical Dance; Should We Dance for the Lord?; Should We Dance in the Liturgy?; The Lesson of Tradition; The Flow of Liturgical Celebration; Dance and Prayer; The Prayer of the Body; The True Dangers of Dancing; Practical Suggestions; Where to Begin; When to Dance in Liturgical Celebrations; With Whom to Begin; How the Dancers Should Dress; Conclusion

PART TWO: Choreography for Liturgical Dance
Comments from the Choreographer; Liturgical Dance is Prayer; The Purpose of Dance; Preparation; Rehearsing; Entering into and Recessing from the Sanctuary; Costumes; Points to Keep in Mind; A Final Word from the Authors; Before We Dance  

LITURGICAL DANCES:  Dance I - Awaken My Heart; Dance II - The Dawn of Day; Dance III - Alleluia, Your Word; Dance IV - Alleluia, People of God; Dance V - Alleluia, People of God (Gestures); Dance VI - The Song of the Beatitudes; Dance VII - Watchman, How Goes the Night?; Dance VIII - Let the Earth Resound; Dance IX - The Bread of Rejoicing; Dance Figures and Positions; Glossary; Dance Bibliography; Footnotes; About the Authors

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