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Love One Another - The Wedding Collection CD

Composer: Various
Format: CD
Product: 017094
ISBN: 978-1-58459-498-7
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Planning a wedding is a daunting task. Now planning your wedding music doesn't have to be!

WLP introduces a new music collection that will cater to your wedding music needs no matter the style--
  • Contemporary songs
  • Traditional pieces
  • A combination of the two!

Choose from 27 different songs found on the high-quality, studio-recorded CD. (Also great for personal enjoyment or to give as a gift!) Then, depending on the types of musicians you have booked, use the music in the accompanying songbook (vocals, piano, guitar) and the C instrument book (flute, violin). This collection includes songs written by popular musicians and composers including Ed Bolduc, John Angotti, Danielle Rose, bilingual pieces from Pedro Rubalcava, and many more. The perfect collection for such a special day!

Topic:  Wedding; Marriage
Rites and Devotion:  Wedding; Marriage
A New Commandment (James Quinn, SJ/Steven R. Janco) Listen
Ave Maria (Ed Bolduc) Listen
Ave Maria (Pedro Rubalcava) Listen
Be With Us Today (Michael John Poirier) Listen
Blessed One (Aaron Thompson) Listen
Build a Family (Ed Bolduc) Listen
Celebrating Years (Alan J. Hommerding/James V. Marchionda, OP) Listen
God Is Love (Alan J. Hommerding) Listen
Hear Us Now, Our God and Father (Harry N. Huxhold, John Newton/Rowland H. Prichard, arr. Ed Bolduc) Listen
Holy Family (Danielle Rose) Listen
In the Light of the Lord (Michael John Poirier) Listen
Love (Ed Bolduc) Listen
Love One Another (Feargal King) Listen
Make Us One (James V. Marchionda, OP) Listen
Make Us Your Own (Deanna Light/Paul Tate) Listen
May the Lord Bless Us: Psalm 128 (Lisa Stafford) Listen
One (Matthew Baute) Listen
Our God is Love (John Angotti) Listen
Set Your Heart on the Higher Gifts (Steven C. Warner) Listen
Taste and See/Gusten y Vean: Psalm 34 (Pedro Rubalcava) Listen
The Goodness of the Lord (Ed Bolduc) Listen
The Greatest Gift (James V. Marchionda, OP) Listen
The Hail Mary (James V. Marchionda, OP) Listen
The Lord is Kind and Merciful (Ed Bolduc) Listen
The Lord is Rich in Kindness/El Señor es Compasivo: Psalm 103 (Peter M. Kolar) Listen
This Is the Day: Psalm 118 (Alan J. Hommerding) Listen
This Is the Day/Este es El Dia: Psalm 118 (Pedro Rubalcava) Listen
A New Commandment (Janco); Ave Maria (Bolduc), Ave Maria (Rubalcava); Be With Us Today (Poirier); Blessed One (A. Thompson); Build a Family (Bolduc); Celebrating Years (Hommerding); El Señor es Compasivo/The Lord is Rich in Kindness (Kolar); God Is Love (Hommerding); Gusten y Vean/Taste and See (Rubalcava); Hear Us Now, Our God and Father (Prichard); Holy Family (Rose); In the Light of the Lord (Poirier); Love (Bolduc); Love One Another (King); Make Us One (Marchionda); Make Us Your Own (Light/Tate); May the Lord Bless Us (Stafford); One (Baute); Our God Is Love (Angotti); Set Your Hearts on the Higher Gifts (Warner); The Goodness of the Lord (Bolduc); The Greatest Gift (Marchionda); The Hail Mary (Marchionda); The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Bolduc); This Is the Day/Psalm 118 (Hommerding); This Is the Day: Psalm 118/Ésta Es el Día: Salmo 118 (Rubalcava)
Secondary Language:  English; Spanish; Bilingual
Length:  27 tracks
Copyright:  Copyright © 2010, World Library Publications
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