The Spirit at Work - Conversion and the RCIA

Composer: Michael Marchal
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ISBN: 978-1-58459-484-0
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Take the challenge to think outside the box. After decades of ministry as an RCIA team member, Michael Marchal knows the difficult pastoral issues that can arise during the process of Christian initiation. This book focuses on the RCIA as a process for catechumens and baptized candidates, but most significantly, the challenges that face RCIA ministers as well as the entire parish.

Marchal writes, "The goal is not imparting data about Jesus, but rather leading others to a living encounter with their Savior."

Weaving together a sound knowledge of the RCIA, a structure of theory, and a wealth of the author's personal experiences, this book will lead RCIA ministers to the core of the initiation process and give them the wisdom and tools necessary to lead all in the initiation process to a profound conversion to the Lord.
Topic:  RCIA; Christian Initiation; Initiation
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Series Title:  Fountain of Life
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