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I Do Believe (Thomas) Yackley

Composer: David Yackley
Format: Octavo
Voicing: 3-part Choir; Cantor; Assembly
Instruments: optional 2 C Instruments; Guitar; Keyboard
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Unit: Each
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David's composition, based on the apostle Thomas's declaration of faith, is recorded on his fine WLP album Offering. The scripturally sound lyrics are set in a progressive, electro-acoustic rock style. You will be hooked in with the strong groove as soon as you hear it. Listen to this track from the CD that features as an added bonus the powerful vocals of Danielle Rose. Your contemporary ensemble or band will rise to the occasion with this strong statement of faith.
Topic:  Faith, trust, Resurrection, eternal life, Passion, Easter season
Sunday of the Year:  Easter 2 Year A, Easter 2 Year B, Easter 2 Year C
I Do Believe (Thomas) Listen
From the recording, Offering.
Series Title:  Contemporary Series
First Line:  How can this be?  Of all the things I know are true
Size:  7x10
Length:  12 pages
Copyright:  Copyright © 2003, World Library Publications

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