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Taste and See - Boyce/Stanley/Pepper

Composer: Joanne Boyce, Mike Stanley, Aidan Pepper
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This unique Communion processional song is based on familiar biblical references to the Eucharist and spotlights several performance options. The piece is built around four separate refrain ostinatos that may be sung in any desired order or combination depending on available singing forces. Following the cantor for cues, this work can be a simple and easily accessible success at your parish. The melodic material is an instant learn after just a sing-through or two. From the CD Before the Lord.
Sunday of the Year:  Ordinary Time 25 Year A, Ordinary Time 29 Year A, Corpus Christi Year A, Ordinary Time 19 Year B, Ordinary Time 5 Year B, Ordinary Time 20 Year B, Ordinary Time 21 Year B, Lent 4 Year C, Ordinary Time 30 Year C, Ordinary Time 2 Year C, Ordinary Time 8 Year C, Ordinary Time 30 Year C
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From the CD Before the Lord.
Series Title:  Contemporary Series
Arranger:  Ed Bolduc
First Line:  Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.
Copyrighter:  Text of refrain 1 from the New American Bible, copyright © 1970, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Inc.  Washington, DC.  Used with permission.  All rights reserved.
Text of refrains 2, 3, and 4, and music copyright © 2000, 2010, CJM Music Ltd.  Exclusive Licensing Agent in North America: World Library Publications
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