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Grace and Guide Our Days - Hommerding - click and print

Composer: Alan Hommerding
Format: Click & Print Octavo
Voicing: SATB Choir; Cantor; Assembly
Instruments: Keyboard; Optional 2 C Instruments, Bb Instrument and Hanbells
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This outstanding piece from poet and composer Alan Hommerding features a noble, assembly-friendly refrain and verses for entrance, dismissal, and general use. Additional verses specific to church dedications and anniversaries appear separately as well.  The rising melodic motif that closes the refrain is particularly effective in expressing the words "in your love and your light and your life we sing your never-ending praise."
Topic:  Faith; Trust; Love of God for Us; Thankfulness
Liturgical Season:  Entrance Rites; Dismissal; Parish Dedication; Parish Anniversary; Thanksgiving
Sunday of the Year:  Thanksgiving Day; All Saints; Dedication of S. John Lateran
A hymn composed in refrain-verse form, Alan Hommerding's Grace and Guide Our Days is a welcome addition to the repertoire of Catholic hymnody. Although a couple of pitches in the refrain might challenge the typical parish member (E-flat 5), the congregational melody is overall accessible and mainly stepwise in motion. This song of praise reminds us of God's love, grace, and guidance in our lives. Several verse texts are offered for various occasions such as the entrance song, song of dismissal, and for church dedications and anniversaries. Although the refrain and verses are in different keys (F major and E-flat major), the transition is seamless and accommodates the congregation's range well. An SATB choir sings throughout the entire piece, adding fullness to the hymn. Of particular interest in the choral arrangement is the refrain: The melody is not sung in the soprano line, rather, it weaves in and out of the other three voice parts. Therefore, the soprano line serves as more of a descant in the refrain. Although not included in this octavo, separate instrumental parts including two C instruments, B-flat instrument, and handbells are available for purchase. This piece would be fitting for larger gatherings, offering a full sound and particular appropriateness for processions.
Rachelle Kramer, chair of the Steering Committee for the National Association of Pastoral Ministers, Youth Interest Section

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