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Richard Proulx, a choral conductor and prolific composer and arranger of music, led the musical program at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral for many years after holding similar positions at churches in St. Paul, Minn., his hometown, and in Seattle. 
At Holy Name, seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, he conducted several choirs, leading one on a tour of Europe in 1988, and provided a variety of music for services and events.  He also oversaw the installation of two organs: a Canadian Casavant in 1983, and an organ from Netherlands-based Flentrop six years later.

After stepping down from his post at Holy Name in 1994, Mr. Proulx remained in Chicago and maintained a busy schedule of composing, arranging and recording. In 1991, he started a choral group called The Cathedral Singers. Employing vocalists from diverse genres, the group has recorded more than 25 CDs, including two volumes of Mr. Proulx's compositions titled "Rare Beasts & Unique Adventures," a line adapted from the poet W.H. Auden. The group's music was also heard in an episode of the television show "ER."

Mr. Proulx composed more than 300 pieces. Much of his output was sacred music and choral compositions. But he also crafted commercial tunes, notably a 1971 theme song for the Union Pacific Railroad, as well as two operas. In addition, his arrangement of Agnus Dei, Requiem Mass was played at the 1996 funeral for Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, a close friend.