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Native Angels CD

Composer: Christopher Moroney: SAVAE
Format: CD
Product: 002339
Unit: Each
Price: $17.00
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Travel back in time to the spiritual birth of Mexico's Hispanic Catholic civilization. Eight voices and percussion instruments recreate spiritually and stylistically powerful music that Native American and African converts sang 400 years ago in the cathedrals of the New World. Their voices singing intricate and harmonious European styled polyphony, while in the background an array of authentic Native American and African percussion instruments interweave intoxicating rhythms. The music came into being when Spanish Catholic friars, as part of their religious mission, composed songs for the Native Americans and African slaves which incorporated the converts' own melodies, rhythms, and language. The result is a unique and fascinating body of cross cultural music, sparkling with rhythmic and melodic invention, and hauntingly beautiful.
Hanacpachap cussicuinin Listen
Dame albriçia mano Anton Listen
Xicochi xicochi conetzintle Listen
Eso rigor e repente Listen
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Secondary Language:  English; Spanish
Age:  Adult; Seniors; Young Adult

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