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Psalms of the Notre Dame Folk Choir CD

Composer: Steven C. Warner; The Notre Dame Folk Choir
Format: CD
Product: 007334
ISBN: 978-1-58459-305-8
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A rich resource of often-used responsorial psalms for the parish, complemented by four-part refrains and parts for brass, strings, woodwinds, acoustic guitar, keyboard, and percussion. Some of the settings have chanted verses, some are set metrically, but all have compelling melodies and are inherently singable. Sung by the strong voices of an ensemble whose reputation has grown to international recognition in the past quarter-century.
Topic:  Psalms
Lord, Who Shall Be Welcome; Psalm 15  Listen
All the Ends of the Earth: Psalm 98  Listen
From the Depths: Psalm 130  Listen
Harbor of My Heart - Psalm 16  Listen
I Shall Live in the House of the Lord; Psalm 23  Listen
Cry Out to God in Joy; Psalm 66  Listen
The Lord is Compassion and Love; Psalm 103  Listen
O Praise the Lord, Jerusalem!; Psalm 147  Listen
Have Mercy on Me; Psalm 51  Listen
Within the Wings of God´s Embrace; Psalm 91  Listen
Let Not Your Hearts Be Hardened; Psalm 95  Listen
I Rejoiced When I Heard them Say; Psalm 122  Listen
We Are Fed by the Hand of the Lord; Psalm 145  Listen
I Lift My Hands; Psalm 141  Listen
Justice Shall Flourish; Psalm 72  Listen
My God, My God; Psalm 22  Listen
May the Gracious Care of the Lord; Psalm 90  Listen
God Goes Up With Trumpet Blast; Psalm 47  Listen
Here I Am, O God; Psalm 40  Listen
Jerusalem; Psalm 137  Listen
Send Forth Your Spirit, O Lord; Psalm 104  Listen
Reprise: I Lift My Hands  Listen
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Secondary Language:  English
Age:  Adult; Seniors; Young Adult
Copyright:  World Library Publications, 2007

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