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Keep Awake CD

Composer: Claire Cooney: Rory Cooney
Format: Recording
Product: 007339
ISBN: 1-58459-048-3
Unit: Each
Price: $17.00
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Maybe for the first time, a collaboration of father and daughter on liturgical music. Rory Cooney is the director of music at St. Anne Catholic Community in Barrington, Illinois. Claire Cooney, his daughter, is a developing poet, author, lyricist, and playwright. Together they have created a spirited and moving collection of on-the-edge Christian music.
Morning Song  Listen
I Choose You  Listen
You  Listen
Fly Together  Listen
Psalm 146: All in You  Listen
In God I Will Rejoice  Listen
Jerusalem of Dreams  Listen
The Stranger and the Nets  Listen
Apocalypse  Listen
Keep Awake  Listen
Holy You  Listen
Is This Goodness God?  Listen

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