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Prayer Services For Parish Life Book & CD-ROM

Author/Editor: Jerry Galipeau
Format: Book with CD-ROM
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ISBN: 1-58459-193-5
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Catholic Press Association Book Awards Winner -- Third Place, Liturgy category!

If you have ever been called on to lead prayer at a parish meeting or event, this book is for you!

Whenever two or more are gathered in faith, Catholics pray. In parish life, the opportunities for gathering in prayer abound. Daily, weekly, seasonal, and annual events call us together to give thanks, ask for guidance, celebrate, and ask for consolation or forgiveness. This book includes thirty-seven complete, user-friendly formats for prayer for the many occasions and situations that occur in the life of a parish community. Inside you'll find prayers for:
- Opening and closing meetings
- Seasonal reconciliation and penitential services
- Embarking on a parish trip
- Blessing of pets
- Christmas Vigil/Las Posadas
- Gatherings of liturgical ministers
- Volunteer appreciation
- Blessing Easter foods
- Welcoming new families
- Seasonal blessings of parish meals

- and more, plus appropriate music suggestions for each service. The book and the included CD-ROM provide all necessary leader's texts and easily reproducible assembly sheets.

Topic:  Prayer
”Jerry Galipeau has done us all a big favor. By publishing his recent book, Prayer Services for Parish Life, it as though he has welcomed us into his very office, opened up his own personal file cabinet, pulled the hefty manila folder marked 'prayer services,' and humbly offered 'Use whatever you like.' The 31 services Jerry has created, plus 6 meal blessings and 3 examinations of conscience, display a wealth of experience with the ins and outs of parish life—he has identified fitting moments in the seasonal cycle when we would do well to ground ourselves in prayer. The prayer services themselves are skillfully composed, relying heavily on God’s word and the world of imagery sacred scripture offers. And what’s more, the services are embarrassingly easy to use for presiders and assemblies alike. A quick glance through the table of contents will reveal the breadth of events Prayer Services covers.

Each one of these prayer services is well crafted and beautifully written. Most follow the tried and true pattern of liturgy with which we are so familiar: the assembly gathers, listens to God’s word, makes some response to that word, and is finally sent forth with God’s blessing. Within that structure, Jerry creatively incorporates many different forms of participation: dialogue, antiphonal reading, litany, reflective silence, ritual action.

Finally, the book and its wealth of resources are all extremely user-friendly. Jerry offers helpful suggestions on preparing the space for prayer and on music that would enhance each service. His presider texts include straightforward directions for the veteran or novice presider, ordained or lay. Also included are assembly editions for all the prayer services in a variety of formats. Prayer Services for Parish Life would be a welcome addition to any parish library, any pastoral assistant’s CDROM drive, and to a file cabinet near you.”
-- Bill McNamara, Pastoral Assistant for Liturgy and Music at St. Louise Parish in Bellevue, WA.

”Prayer Services for Parish Life is a treasure trove for ministry leaders...This book is a ready resource, one that I will use often...I discovered in this volume a number of solutions to my 'prayer services I need to write' list...The breadth and freshness of these prayers services make this a book to keep close at hand in parishes.” -- Mary Beaudoin, Pastoral Music, November 2005

Prayer Service for Parish Lectors
Prayer Service for Ministers of Hospitality
Prayer Service for Ministers of Care
Prayer Service for Extraordinary Ministers of Communion
Prayer Service for Music Ministers
Prayer Service for Altar Servers
Prayer Service for a Meeting of the Liturgy Committee
Prayer Service for Volunteering Appreciation
Prayer Service to Welcome New Parishioners
Prayer for a Parish Meeting
Parish Picnic
Prayer before a Parish Trip
Celebrating the Gift of God’s Creation
Advent Penitential Service
Lenten Penitential Service
Penitential Service; Hope
Penitential Service; New Beginnings
Penitential Service; A Respect for Life
Examination of Conscience Based on the Beatitudes
Examination of Conscience in Litany Form
Examination of Conscience Based on Matthew 25; 31-46
Meal Prayer for Advent
Meal Prayer for Christmas
Meal Prayer for Lent
Meal Prayer for Lenten Simple Meal
Meal Prayer for Easter
Meal Prayer for Ordinary Time
Prayer Service for Baptism Preparation Sessions
Prayer Service for Engaged Couples Preparation Sessions
Prayer Service for Christian Unity
Lenten Service Based on the Final Words of Christ
Blessings of Foods at Easter
Crowning an Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Blessings of Pets
Vigil Service before Christmas
Prayer Service before Election
Prayer Service before Independence
Prayer Service for Peace
Prayer Service for Comfort in Time of Disaster
Prayer Service for Peace Based on the Words of Saint Francis of Assisi
Secondary Language:  English
Age:  Adult; Seniors; Young Adult
Size:  8 1/2 x 11
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