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Choral Conducting That Works for Worship

Authors: Lee Gwozdz; Paul French; Alan Hommerding; Betty Bedsole; Rob Strusinski
Format: Paperback book
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ISBN: 978-1-58459-279-2
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Get five choral conducting teachers for the price of one! Paul French leads through the church year's repertoire. Lee Gwozdz and Betty Bedsole offer vision for a children's choir program and ways to improve their sound. Rob Strusinski outlines ways that conductors can best prepare for rehearsals, and Alan Hommerding illustrates warm-ups for optimal vocal production.


Chapter 1: Let's Start from the Very Beginning: Ideas for a Successful First Rehearsal

Chapter 2: Taming the Holiday Time Crunch

Chapter 3: All Singing, All Proclaiming: The Conductor in Lent and Holy Week

Chapter 4: Fighting the Post-Easter "Choir Director Blues": Shaking Things Up with Irregular Meters

Chapter 5: Make a Wish! The Future of Children's Music Ministry

Chapter 6: Children Can Learn to Sing. . .. Beautifully

Chapter 7:  No Time to Waste: Making Weekly Choir Rehearsals More Effective

Chapter 8:  The Three S's: Preparing the Choir for the Ministry of Song

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Series Title:  WorshipWorks
Secondary Language:  English
Age:  Adult
Length:  56 pages
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