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Rachel Frazier wrote Mass for a New Era at the age of seventeen at the request of her parents, co-directors of music at St. Raphael Parish in Naperville, Illinois. Known in her community as an extremely talented young singer/songwriter and musician, Rachel's Mass setting also captured the hearts and voices of the WLP staff. Rachel's first liturgical composition beckons to a new generation of young Catholics while maintaining a level of dignity that speaks equally to every member in the parish. Rachel is a multi-talented musician and performs on trumpet, bass (upright and electric), guitar, and drums, and sings in a variety of styles. She currently plays trumpet in the chamber ensemble and orchestra in the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. A recent high school graduate, Rachel will be relocating to Boston in the fall of 2013 where she will attend the Berklee College of Music.

 Mass for a New Era is stylistically fresh, energetic, and a delight to sing. The harmonies are unique and imaginative; the melodies are tuneful, yet simple and assembly-friendly. Guitarists, cantors, and ensembles will appreciate the great sound they can achieve in performance with just minimal rehearsal. For keyboardists, Ed Bolduc has arranged a piano/keyboard part that is included in the body of the score.

 Utilizing a call-and-response format, the short and animated musical phrases are easy to sing and instantly gratifying. The longer refrain in the “Glory to God” is natural and instinctive. With its intuitive melody, structure, and ease of performance, you will find this a highly durable work ideal for regular use on Sundays, and for parish missions, multi-culture gatherings, or retreats when all may not be familiar with the same setting.