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Window to Peace CD

Composer: Jerry Galipeau and Denise LaGiglia
Format: CD
Instruments: Piano and Flute
Product: 002529
ISBN: 1-58459-170-6
Unit: Each
Price: $17.00  
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An awesome instrumental CD for quiet times and spaces. Features innovative piano and flute duets. Perfect listening for home, the car, the classroom.
"When quiet contemplation is required or background (or foreground) music is needed for a prayer service or communal penance service, "Window to Peace" offers the peaceful music that allows the mind to seek out the quiet whispering of God.  Equally useful in the office, car, for Bible-study or RCIA classes, the fourteen songs are performed by flautist Denise LaGiglia and pianist Jerry Galipeau.  They float out of the speakers, softly and sweetly landing on the consciousness of the listener without intruding on prayer or private thoughts.  Heartfelt and lilting, the music stands on its own—no voices or other instrument are added into the mix."—Crux of the News, May 2003
Where Charity and Love Prevail  Listen
Peace is Flowing  Listen
Holy, Holy, Holy (NICAEA)  Listen
Of the Father's Love Begotten (DIVINUM MYSTERIUM)  Listen
Stirrings of the Soul - Improvisation in E minor  Listen
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (PICARDY)  Listen
O Sons and Daughters (O FILII ET FILIAE)  Listen
Praise We Christ's Immortal Body (PANGE LINGUA GLORIOSI)  Listen
The King of Love (ST COLUMBA)  Listen
For the Beauty of the Earth (DIX)  Listen
Morning Awakens - Improvisation in G major  Listen
Day Is Done (AR HYD Y NOS)  Listen
Christians, Praise the Paschal Victim (VICTIMAE PASCHALI LAUDES)  Listen
When Love is Found (O WALY, WALY)  Listen

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