Fountain of Life Series

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Resources in The Fountain of Life Series assist in the implementation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.






Children of the Light: Pre-Catechumenate Sessions for Children and Families

Blessie La Scola

The 25 sessions in this resource offer a variety of ways to explore each topic as part of a continuous and ongoing process, including gathering prayers, scripture readings, games or icebreakers, hands-on activities, reflective responses by the participants, and closing prayer rituals. Each session begins with a summary of the purpose of the session, a brief section of catechist formation, and tips for setting the environment. A template for a letter home is also provided for each session. An optional "Remembering Back" section is included for some of the sessions to provide an introduction to the experience of mystagogy. The enclosed CD-ROM contains all of the handouts, worksheets, and letters to parents found on the printed pages of this book, making this a convenient, easy-to-use resource for RCIA ministers, directors of faith formation, and catechists alike.

017171 Spiral-bound Paperback Book with CD-ROM $75.00







You Have Put On Christ: Cultivating a Baptismal Spirituality

Jerry Galipeau, D.Min.

In his travels around North America, Dr. Jerry Galipeau has witnessed the need that many Catholics have to grow in their awareness and understanding of the great gift of baptism in their lives. In response to this need, Jerry has developed a user-friendly approach to awaken and foster a baptismal spirituality. In the pages of this book, Jerry sets the stage by recounting his own faith journey, and then presents a process you can use with the people in your parish to help them become more aware of their own faith journey and the foundational role that their baptism plays in it. In the final chapter, you’ll find set of strategies that your parish community can pursue to further cultivate the baptismal spirituality that has been awakened. Also provided is a simple yet rich prayer service for the parish or for small groups. The included CD-ROM provides a leader’s guide to the prayer service as well as music suggestions. This slender volume will inspire a deep passion in you and those you serve for living out God’s baptismal call.

017173 Paperback Book with CD-ROM $14.95




Purified and Enlightened: RCIA Sessions for Lent

Mary Birmingham 
A new initiation resource for Lent that focuses on the Lenten period of purification and enlightenment as a critical time for conversion and repentance. Here, six sessions are offered for RCIA ministers: sessions to prepare for and reflect upon the scrutinies; reflections on the personal and social dimensions of sin; the challenge of the Lenten scriptures; and spiritual preparation for the Triduum. A CD-ROM is included that contains reproducible handouts and a PowerPoint® presentation for each session

017175 Paperback Book with CD-ROM $39.95



Formed in Faith: Sessions for Inquiry, Catechumenate, and Ongoing Faith Formation

Mary Birmingham

An accomplished author of numerous books and articles on faith formation and noted expert on the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), Mary Birmingham has become a well-known clinician throughout the United States and Canada. This resource is a reflection of her firm commitment to her own parish ministry in which she developed these tried-and-true sessions for the catechists in her parish. These sessions are ideal for RCIA inquiry sessions, Catechumenate sessions, and for parish adult faith formation in general. Based on solid principles of adult learning, these sessions focus on the core elements of our faith: God the Creator, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Creed, the Blessed Trinity, as well as sessions on forgiveness and human suffering. All sessions are reproducible from the included CD-ROM which contains handouts, discussion/reflections questions, and other materials.

017185 Paperback Book with CD-ROM $39.95




Confirming Adult Catholics: Five Sessions for Preparation and Reflection

Mary Birmingham

A perplexing situation can occur in parishes when catechized, active Catholics present themselves seeking to complete initiation through the sacrament of confirmation. Although these active parishioners have been baptized and regularly receive the Eucharist, for various reasons they have not yet been confirmed. This leads to a unique situation, because neither an adolescent confirmation preparation program nor the RCIA process is appropriate for their sacramental preparation. In this resource, developed in light of these special circumstances, Mary Birmingham has created five sessions that will minister to the needs of adult, baptized, and catechized Catholics seeking confirmation. Flowing from a solid foundation of sacramental theology, and the liturgical and catechetical documents, this book will be your guide for preparing adult Catholics for confirmation.

017184 Paperback Book $19.95




Toward the Table: Ritual Moments in Christian Initiation

Michael H. Marchal

Michael Marchal’s vast knowledge and experience with adult initiation has led him to publish his second book with WLP, providing one of the most comprehensive and well-versed guides to the various liturgical components of the RCIA process. This book assists initiation ministers including priests, deacons, RCIA coordinators, and members of parish RCIA teams in the preparation for and celebration of both the major and minor rites. Equally as important and oftentimes overlooked, Marchal helps the reader to examine the parallel rites for the already baptized candidates. As a bonus, a special section in this book focuses on the celebration of the initiation sacraments at the Easter vigil and provides detailed information on building a temporary baptismal pool for immersion!

017179 Paperback Book $19.95



Enlightened by Faith: Prayers for the RCIA Journey

Anita Ahuja

Experienced RCIA team member, Anita Ahuja accompanies the seeker on the road from inquiry through mystagogy in this prayerful book. These forty-three prayers and meditations of discernment, preparation, and gratitude encompass the periods and rites of the initiation process, the wonder and splendor of the Triduum and Easter Vigil reception of sacraments, and the ensuing period of mystagogy. 5 x 7 size is convenient and portable.

017353 Paperback Book $6.00 (Quantity pricing available!)




The Spirit at Work: Conversion and the RCIA

Michael H. Marchal

After decades of ministry as an RCIA team member, Michael Marchal knows the difficult pastoral issues that can arise during the process of Christian initiation. This book focuses on the RCIA as a process for catechumens and baptized candidates, but most significantly, the challenges that face RCIA ministers as well as the entire parish. Marchal writes, "The goal is not imparting data about Jesus, but rather leading others to a living encounter with their Savior."Weaving together a sound knowledge of the RCIA, a structure of theory, and a wealth of the author's personal experiences, this book will lead RCIA ministers to the core of the initiation process and give them the wisdom and tools necessary to lead all in the initiation process to a profound conversion to the Lord.

017186 Paperback Book $14.95




Apprenticed to Christ: Activities for Practicing the Catholic Way of Life

Jerry Galipeau

Inspired by the principle that one learns how to be a Christian by doing what Christians do, Apprenticed to Christ provides catechists with ideas and resources for the "apprenticeship" of catechumens, candidates, and others participating in parish religious formation. This hands-on method, the Church's preferred approach for the catechumenate, is presented in a systematic, easy-to-use format based on the Liturgy of the Word for Sunday Mass, with activities suggested for each Sunday of the three-year cycle of readings. Recommended catechetical resources including the Catechism of the Catholic Church, conciliar documents, papal encyclicals, liturgical documents, and more help to link each suggested activity with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

A fresh and fruitful approach for those who work with catechumens, candidates, confirmation preparation, and both youth and adult religious formation.

017266 Paperback Book $16.95




Celebrating Initiation: A Guide for Priests

Paul Turner

This helpful book leads priests through twenty-six rites of initiation, including all of the various rites of the RCIA, adaptations for already baptized candidates, the various infant baptismal rites, confirmation of a person in danger of death, and parish celebrations of First Communion. The book is sprinkled with helpful information culled from Father Turner's pastoral experience and seemingly limitless knowledge of the development of the initiation rites.

017189 Paperback Book $24.95




The Impact of the RCIA: Stories, Reflections, Challenges

Compiled and edited by Jerry Galipeau

This compilation presents a series of essays by individuals who have been involved in Christian initiation over the past 20 years. Insights are offered from various perspectives (rural, urban, African-American, Hispanic, historical, musical, catechetical, etc.). Contributors include: Most. Rev. Daniel E. Pilarczyk, Anita Ahuja, Rev. Ronald Lewinski, Msgr. Anthony Sherman, Eliot Kapitan, Pamela Folse, Marguerite Main, Rita Burns Senseman, Rev. Richard Vega, Kathleen Dorsey Bellow, Rev. Gil Ostdiek, OFM, Victoria M. Tufano, Steven R. Janco, Daniel Benedict, Sr. Linda L. Gaupin.

017188 Paperback Book $24.95




Enter The Rose: Retreats for Unfolding the Mysteries of Faith for Catechumens, Candidates, and All Believers

Miriam Malone, SNJM

This innovative resource provides all ministers of initiationcatechists, directors of religious education, sponsors, liturgical ministerswith the tools needed to facilitate a variety of reflection and retreat experiences for RCIA candidates, catechumens, and others. All of the retreat options are rooted in the Gospel and the liturgical life of the church and offer opportunities for incorporating local tradition and current events. From "twilight" retreats lasting for a couple of hours to full weekend retreats, the options for gatherings presented here are truly suited to the spiritual journey of adults. Two CDs to help with the retreats, including downloadable files of retreat handouts (with some art by Jean Morningstar, SNJM), are included.

017289 Paperback Book with CD & CD-ROM $49.95




Chosen in Christ/Elegidos en Cristo Music Book & CD

Compiled and edited by Jerry Galipeau

Chosen in Christ/Elegidos en Cristo is a complete music resource for the celebration of the rites of Christian Initiation for English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, and bilingual parish communities. Many of these pieces have appeared in WLP's time-tested worship resources and are sure to bring life to the various rites that are at the heart of the initiation process. Unique to this resource are the pastoral and performance notes, written in English and Spanish, which introduce each of the sections dealing with the major rituals. Each piece includes a keyboard arrangement and contains chord symbols for the guitarist. This collection will assist presiders, parish musicians, initiation ministers, and liturgy planners in the preparation, implementation, and celebration of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Composers represented in this collection include Sterling Picard, James Marchionda, Lucien Deiss, Lorenzo Florián, Jerry Galipeau, Alan Hommerding, Peter Kolar, Pedro Rubalcava, Carl Johengen, Howard Hughes, Laura Dankler, Lisa Stafford, John Olivier, Paul Page, Steve Warner, Kevin Keil, Joe Mattingly, and Michael Ward.

017245 Music Book $24.95

017244 Two-CD Set $27.00

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The 50 Days of Joy: Easter Reflections for New Catholics

Dennis Chriszt, C.PP.S

This book of reflections is designed for those who have been baptized or received into the Catholic Church at Easter. Taking its cue from the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, this book will truly enable new Catholics to deepen their grasp of the paschal mystery. The book draws on the Church's ancient model of mystagogy by helping the reader to reflect deeply on the celebration of the sacraments of initiation. You'll find reflections for each day of the Easter Octave as well as for all the Sundays of the Easter season, the Ascension of the Lord, and Pentecost. The complete texts of the scriptures used for the reflections appear in this book, making it a stand-alone resource for personal prayer. The Fifty Days of Joy is also a helpful resource for initiation ministers who facilitate group sessions during the period of mystagogy. The front of the book has an area in which to inscribe the name of the new Catholic, the parish, and the date of initiation. An ideal gift for all those initiated at Easter!

017194  Paperback Book $19.95





The Apostles Creed: Knowing Living and Sharing the Gift of Faith

Rev. Monsignor Laurence J. Spiteri, J.C.D., Ph.D.

A helpful resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the basic articles of the Roman Catholic faith as expressed in the Apostles’ Creed. In this book, catechists ministering with children, teens, and adults, as well as those in the RCIA, will find these articles of faith presented clearly and distinctly. These writings allow for not only a more effective way to teach and lead others through this prayer but also for a more personal comprehension of the Catholic faith. Monsignor Spiteri shares his own knowledge and love for the faith, which will inspire the reader to know, live, and share these beliefs with confidence. He offers a renewed appreciation and love for the treasures that have been passed on to Catholics from generation to generation.

017178 Paperback Book $14.95





We Send You Forth: Dismissals for the RCIA

Jerry Galipeau

A collection of beautifully composed texts for dismissing catechumens and baptized-yet-uncatechized candidates following the homily each Sunday. Inside this handy book you'll find a text for each Sunday of Year A, Year B, and Year C, as well as dismissal texts for solemnities and feasts that are celebrated when they occur on Sundays during the liturgical year. These texts follow the general formula for dismissals found in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and are inspired by the scripture readings of the day and the liturgical season. 6 x 9 paperback with large, easy-to read print and liturgy-worthy foil-stamped cover. Included CD-ROM allows you to print all texts as 8½ x 11 pages and place in your own ceremonial binder.

017195 Paperback Book with CD-ROM $19.95


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The following certificates for initiation ministry also are available:

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50-99 copies $1.00 each

100 or more copies $.50 each


000982 Baptism Certificate




000997 First Reconciliation Certificate



000995 Confirmation Certificate



001066 Complete Initiation Certificate



001067 Full Communion Certificate



000970 Nicene Creed Certificate