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Glory to God - Mass of Saint Ann - Bolduc - click and print

Composer: Ed Bolduc
Format: Click & Print Octavo
Voicing: SAT Choir; Cantor; Assembly
Instruments: Flute; Trumpet in B Flat; Guitar; Keyboard
Product: e05320
Unit: Each
Price: $1.65
Availability: Currently in Stock
Parish musicians are telling us that they are still in the process of gradually building their repertoire of Mass settings and individual parts of the Mass after the implementation of the new Roman Missal a few years ago. Ed Bolduc's Mass of Saint Ann has proven itself to be expressive of each of the Mass texts, simple to play and sing, and extremely flexible. Contemporary bands and traditional organists are both adopting Mass of Saint Ann.

The Glory to God is particularly strong and joyful. Assemblies pick it up very quickly, and this octavo contains it in two versions. One uses the text straight through, and the other returns to the refrain after each of three verses. You will be happy to have this enjoyable setting in your parish's repertoire.

Glory to God (through-composed)  - Listen

Glory to God (with refrains)  - Listen

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