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Encountering the Mystery: An Overview of Eucharistic Theology DVD - Foley

Composer: Rev. Edward Foley
Format: DVD Set
Product: 002702
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A comprehensive 4-DVD set that includes twelve 30-minute lectures providing a scriptural, historical, and theological overview of the development of the Eucharist. This lecture series was written and is presented by expert theologian and national speaker Edward Foley, who discusses the topics:

• Encountering the Mystery

• Jesus the Jew

• Jesus at Table The Last Supper

• Paul's Teaching and Eucharistic Living

• Emerging Christian Eucharist: Centuries of Diversity

• The Early Medieval Period

• The Late Middle Ages

• Reform and Counter-Reform

• Trent and the Counter-Reform

• Real Presence Revisited

• The Sacrifice of the Mass Revisited

Scripture passages, art and historical images, plus quotes from theologians throughout the Church's history help to deepen the viewers' understanding of the developments that led to the Eucharist that we celebrate today. Use these DVDs with adult parish education groups, study and reflection groups, and in the classroom. A complete semester's worth of material at one very reasonable price.

Trailer #1: Encountering the Mystery: Introduction

Trailer #2: Encountering the Mystery: Jesus the Jew

Trailer #3: Encountering the Mystery: Jesus at Table

Trailer #4: Encountering the Mystery: The Last Supper



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