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Marimbas Fantasticas CD

Composer: Peter M. Kolar, Director
Fr. Bruce Wellems, CMF, Coordinator
Format: CD
Product: 012689
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This amazing group of kids will take you by surprise! The Holy Cross Marimba Ensemble has delighted audiences nationwide with its unique sound and inspiring story. The group is made up of talented Mexican-American youth from Holy Cross Parish in Chicago. They play the marimba -- an instrument similar to the xylophone -- exclusively by rote, and have developed an impressive performance repertoire and an equally-impressive reputation. From popular Latin-American tunes to polkas and even J. S. Bach, Marimbas Fantásticas will take you on an exquisite musical journey!
Proceeds from this recording will be used to benefit the Holy Cross Youth and Scholarship program.
Abril en Portugal (Polka); Chiapas (Mexican Waltz); Atotonilco's (Mexican Polka); Maple Sugar Polka (Polka); La Negra Tomasa (Cumbia); Invention No. 13 in Am (Bach. 2-part Invention); La Llorona; Spanish Eyes (Cha-Cha); Alleluia (Mozart, Classical Round); Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (Cha-Cha); Beer Barrel Polka (Polka); La Luna de Xelahu (Guatamalen Waltz); Amor Es Vida (Carribbean); Coco Loco (Caribbean); ”Little” Fugue in Gm (Bach, 3-part Fugue); Clarinet Polka (Polka); Marimbas Románticas (Folk Melody); Mi Virgen Ranchera (Mexican Polka); La Raspa (Folkloric Medley); Theme from St. Elmo's Fire (Modern Ballad)
More information:
Series Title:  HopeSings
Secondary Language:  English; English or Spanish Bilingual; Latin; Spanish
Age:  Adult; Children & Youth; Seniors; Teens; Young Adult

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