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Ancient Echoes CD

Composer: Christopher Moroney conducting SAVAE
Format: CD
Product: 002348
ISBN: 978-1-58459-164-1
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Includes the song "Rannanu (Song of Joy)" as heard in the 20th Century Fox movie Kingdom of Heaven, directed by Ridley Scott!

Have you ever wondered what music in the time of Jesus sounded like? Based on several years of intense study and research, Christopher Moroney and SAVAE have imaginatively and brilliantly reconstructed the music that Jesus might have heard in the temple and synagogue of the first century C.E. The ensemble learned to play reconstructed instruments of the period especially for this new recording- varieties of plucked and bowed strings, wind instruments like the shofar, flute and duduk (Middle Eastern clarinet), and percussion. The music has been recreated from Hebrew melodic fragments, Babylonian Jewish music, and traditional songs that have passed down through the ages from the time of Jesus. The end result is an amazing restoration of what Jesus would have heard. Highlights include settings of the Lord's Prayer and the Beatitudes, Miriam's Song of the Sea, the Ten Commandments, and the traditional Shema Israel (Hear, O Israel).
”The performance by the San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble at San Fernando Cathedral was one of the unquestioned highlights of our 2005 Annual Conference in that fascinating city. Many longtime, regular attendees expressed great delight with this outstanding group, which is a special compliment from people who usually prefer to do the singing themselves. As several members said, 'This is the best outside group we've ever had at a Hymn Society conference!' These seven musicians are notable not only for their superb musicianship and sterling intonation, but also for their versatility in playing a wide range of highly unusual 'instruments' (conch shells, antlers, tuned rocks). Above all their singing demonstrates an infectious enthusiasm for the material they sing, convincing their hearers of the vitality and quality of the repertoire they have recovered and for which they are such effective ambassadors.”
Carl P. Daw, Jr.
Executive Director
The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada
Ashir shirim (I Will Sing Songs to God) The Wedding Song Listen
Rannanu (Sing With Joy) Chant from the Dead Sea Scrolls Listen
Abwoon (O Father-Mother of the Cosmos) The Aramaic Lord's Prayer Listen
Arabian Dance (Instrumental) Listen
Song of Seikilos: 1st Century Greek song Listen
Tubwayhun l'ahbvday sh'lam (Blessed Are the Peacemakers) Listen
Sounding of the Shofar & Shema Israel (Hear, O Israel) Listen
Bircath Cohenim (The Priestly Blessing) Listen

Wa y'daber Elohim (And God Spoke) The Ten Commandments

Tubwayhun layleyn d'khafnin w'tseyn (Blessed Are Those Who Hunger & Thirst) Listen
Ze Eli meode (This Is My Supreme God) Wedding Song Listen
Tubwayhun l'miskeneh'eh b'ruh (Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit) Listen
Psalm 114: B'tseth Israel (When Israel Went orth From Egypt) Listen
Tubwayhun l'bwileh (Blessed Are They That Mourn) Listen
Abwoon: Spoken Prayer Listen
Bircath Cohenim: Reprise Listen
More information:
Secondary Language:  English
Age:  Adult; Seniors; Young Adult
Copyright:  Benediction, Sacerdotale, music deciphered by Suzanne Haik Vantora, © Choudens Edmonds. 
Remaining copyrighted music is the property of World Library Publications.  All rights reserved.

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