Ceremonial Folder Ivory - Series 1

Format: Folder
Product: 006831
Unit: Each
Price: $21.95
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By popular request! These attractive and useful Ceremonial Folders are designed to hold one or two single sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper. The cover design features the exquisite two-tone stamped cross design with gold foil found on WLP's Series 1 Ceremonial Binders. Each folder holds one or two single sheets of paper that you can easily tuck into the grosgrain ribbon corner holders. Ideal for use by lectors (with intercessions placed on one side and parish announcements placed on the other), by priests and deacons, and by cantors (to hold the psalm). Consider having brides and grooms use at weddings to hold their vows, or use as a presentation folder for special awards or appreciation certificates. Available in 5 colors, for the liturgical seasons and general use.

006831 Ivory $21.95
006832 Green $21.95
006833 Red $21.95
006834 Purple $21.95
006835 Black $21.95
006836 Set of 5 $95.00

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