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The Emerald Collection: 35 Years of the Univeristy of Notre Dame Folk Choir vinyl album

Composer: Steve Warner and Karen Schneider Kirner
Format: Vinyl Album
Product: 007311
ISBN: 978-1-58459-8428
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For the first time in many years, WLP is releasing the very best of the Notre Dame Folk Choir on Vinyl!

The Notre Dame Folk Choir began singing during a time of great changes in the liturgy. The group was founded by Director Steve Warner in 1980, with Karen Schneider Kirner beginning her role as Associate Director in 1997. Since its start, the choir has moved far beyond the conventional definition of a "folk group." Today, the choir consists of more than four dozen men and women's voices along with flute, organ, violins, guitar, string bass, Celtic harp, cello, and bodhran (Irish drum). On special occasions during the liturgical year, a brass contingent adds another dimension to their praise. The choir has successfully achieved a remarkable synthesis of organ and guitar technique, bridging the gap between contemporary compositions of a post-Vatican II church community and the rich expression of traditional choral repertoire.

The Notre Dame Folk Choir's choral library is enhanced by music from Ireland, France, and Mexico, and has even included selections in Russian and Mandarin Chinese. Choral music from the African continent, exuberantly performed in four-part harmony and accompanied by an array of percussion instruments, is featured prominently in their repertoire.
Starting in the mid-1980's, the Notre Dame Folk Choir began to make national and international tours as a part of its regular ministry. All of these tours form part of an important service of collaboration with parishes and communities around the world.
This Emerald Collection album celebrates 35 years of the Notre Dame Folk Choir's ministry, past, present and future. Listen and experience a taste of who the Folk Choir is and you'll find yourself witnessing the love, grace, and true happiness God calls us all to share. Enjoy!

"I Have Been Anointed" (Warner) from Prophets of Joy
"Make of Our Hands a Throne" (Warner) from Witness of the Saints
"Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life" (Herbert/Warner/arr. Pirtle) from Tune My Heart
"Set Your Hearts on the Higher Gifts" (Warner) from Gethsemani to Galway
"Christ Has No Body Now but Yours" (Warner) from Witness of the Saints
"Come to the Living Stone" (Kirner/Warner) from From Gethsemani to Galway

"Bless the Corners of This House" (Pirtle/Warner) from Songs of Saints and Scholars
"Lead, Kindly Light" (Warner) from Witness of the Saints
"Rosa Mystica"(Waddell) from From Gethsemani to Galway
"A Walking Prayer" (Kirner) from Songs of Saints and Scholars
"The Lord’s Prayer" (Warner) from From Gethsemani to Galway
"How Can I Keep from Singing?" (arr. Warner) from From Gethsemani to Galway

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