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Thanks and Praise - Angotti - vinyl album

Composer: John Angotti
Format: Vinyl Album
Product: 007401
ISBN: 978-1-58459-873-2
Unit: Each
Price: $25.00
Availability: Currently in Stock
The Best of John Angotti...on Vinyl!

For the first time in over 30 years, WLP is producing vinyl records! Here we present Thanks and Praise.
Included on this album: "By Name I Have Called You" (Common Ground; Angotti Live), "Feed My Lambs" (Joy Beyond All Dreams), "Stand in the Light" (Stand in the Light), "Thanks and Praise" (Testify), "I Send You Out" (Angotti Live), "It's Time to Get Up" (It's Time to Get Up), "There's a Presence" (I Believe), "All Who Enter Here" (Today!), and "We Gather in Love" (We Gather in Love).

"By Name I have Called you" - from Common Ground/Angotti Live
"Feed My Lambs" - from Joy Beyond All Dreams
"Stand in the Light" - from Stand in the Light
"Thanks and Praise" - from Testify
"I Send You Out" - from Angotti Live
"It's Time to Get Up" - from It's Time to Get Up
"There's a Presence" - from I Believe
"All Who Enter Here" - from Today!
"We Gather in Love" - from We Gather in Love

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