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Deep in the Spirit - The Inner Dynamics of Conversion - Marchal

Composer: Michael H. Marchal
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ISBN: 978-1-58459-886-2
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Here, Michael Marchal takes the five components of the process of conversion that he presented in The Spirit at Work: Conversion and the RCIA (see page 44), and explores the inner dynamics of each. While providing a helpful roadmap for RCIA practitioners to use in guiding the participants in the process to a

more complete conversion to Christ and a richer life in the Spirit, this book is also a manual for self-reflection, and an outline for team enrichment. Marchal details two phases in each component: a developmental phase and a mature phase. He warns of the traps and detours that can be encountered in the process, and offers questions for deeper reflection throughout each of the five major sections of the book. Far more than a how-to manual for RCIA team leaders and members, this book offers indispensable nourishment for their own reflection and growth.

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