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We Call to You Lord: Twenty-two Choral Versets - Click & Print

Composer: Becky Larson
Format: Click & Print Octavo
Voicing: SATB Choir
Instruments: Keyboard
Product: e09615
Unit: Each
Price: $2.95
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These twenty-two brief choral sentences allow your choir to profess their faith and to express praise, petition, and spiritual wisdom. Composer Rebecca Larson has relied largely on the psalms for these well-crafted versets. Whether presented for unison choir or for SATB, the lines are engaging and memorable, and the harmonic sensibility is modern, bringing timeless texts to the ears and heart with a fresh interpretation. The creative director will use these versets to call to worship, reflect on scripture, preface hymn-singing, provide a refrain for spoken or chanted verses, or unify several pieces of music during extended rituals.
Topic:  Faith, Praise, Worship, Forgiveness, Mercy, Prayer, Petition, Joy, Love of God For Us, Light, Unity, Creation, Word of God

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