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Hail, Mary, Full of Grace - Romiti - click and print

Composer: Richard Romiti
Format: Click & Print Octavo
Voicing: SATB Choir
Instruments: Keyboard
Product: e09441
Unit: Each
Price: $1.50
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Richard Romiti asks us to present his setting of this cherished prayer "Expressively; with reverence." Expressive and reverent are apt descriptions of the piece itself. The setting of the text is as simple and straightforward as this prayer we have said since childhood. But the movement of the choral voices and the skillful use of shifting harmonies add color and warmth throughout. This is a piece that will win the hearts of choir and listeners alike, fostering our devotion to Mary, who first heard these words and agreed to become the Mother of God and our mother, who prays for us our entire lives.
Topic:  Prayer, Petition, Eternal Life, Marian Feasts

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