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God as Three-in-One - Hillebrand

Composer: Paul Hillebrand
Format: Octavo
Voicing: Unison Choir, Assembly
Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard
Product: 007809
Unit: Each
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Take the familiar OLD HUNDREDTH tune, apply a contemporary accompaniment, add an original refrain and a text focused on praising the Trinity, and you have a recipe for instant participation in a newly-conceived setting of this beloved classic. After stating the melody in the first verse, the rhythms of the refrain are introduced into the accompaniment of the second verse. This prepares us musically for the refrain, which is a reflection on the triune God whom we are praising, and an invitation to that mysterious God to dwell in us. Useful for gathering and general praise, and as a way to unite the song of traditional and contemporary communities.
Topic:  Praise, Worship, Entrance Rite, Trinity Sunday

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