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Misa Luna Guitar/Vocal Score - Kolar - 2018 Revision - click and print

Composer: Peter M. Kolar
Format: Click & Print Mass Setting
Voicing: Unison and 2-part Choir, optional Descants, Cantor, Assembly
Instruments: Guitar
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Misa Luna is one of the premier sung Mass settings in liturgical use today. Rooted in classical music forms but spoken in a modern musical language appropriate for multicultural worship, clergy, music ministers, and assemblies alike have encountered something uniquely captivating in this regal and versatile setting. Notable celebrations with Misa Luna have included the 2015 papal liturgy in Philadelphia, the beatification Mass of Blessed Stanley Rother in 2017, and numerous other conferences, dedications, ordinations, and diocesan or parish liturgies across the United States.

The title is actually a homage to the Spaniard priest and composer of children’s music Alfonso Luna Sánchez. Father Luna’s writing was the inspiration behind the adaptation of classical harmonies—specifically those by George Frederic Handel (1685–1759)—into sung acclamations for the liturgy. A simple passacaglia pattern from a Handel keyboard suite serves as the basis for much of Misa Luna. Several acclamations are built directly upon this passacaglia, and it is incorporated, in some form or another, into most parts of the setting, creating sequential melodies ideal for singing assemblies. In the spirit of the Baroque era, the choral and instrumental writing exhibits elements of lively counterpoint.

Revisions per the Misal Romano, Tercera Edición (2018 Implementation)

In anticipation of the 2018 implementation of the Misal Romano, Tercera Edición, Misa Luna (first published in 1998) had to undergo substantial revisions to accommodate the new Spanish mass texts now in effect for the United States. The composer worked diligently to adapt the entire work so that it received approval for publication from the U.S. Bishops Committee on Divine Worship. Users of previous versions of Misa Luna will notice changes to existing passages in the various movements, namely in the Gloria, Aclamación Cuaresmal del Evangelio, Aclamación Memorial III, Padre Nuestro, Gran Amén, and the Cordero de Dios. While it will take some effort to familiarize your choir and assembly with the changes, the revised edition now enjoys full compliance with the church’s official texts in both English and Spanish. You’ll notice other improvements as well, such as the addition of the third form of the Penitential Act, a new bilingual option for the Gloria, and updated acclamations for the Eucharistic Prayer for Masses with Children II. The composer also created new instrumental parts, now available for C-instruments, complete brass quintet, cello and timpani (see the related links below).

With these revisions, Misa Luna is able and ready to serve the church well into the future. May you find it to be a worthy enhancement to the worship and prayer life of your community!

“ catchy and so versatile it will stay in your heart for a long, long time!”

“...tan memorable y tan versátil que permanecerá en nuestros corazones por mucho, mucho tiempo.” – Jaime Cortez, composer “So many excellent settings are just too difficult for most of our choirs, and simple settings are often not excellent in quality. Here is a setting that is simple, idiomatic, and of the highest quality.” – Frank Brownstead, former Director of Music, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles

“...opens an important door for all of us to open our eyes, our hearts, and in this case, our ears, to drink in the celebrative and prayerful strains of a multi-cultural church gathering around a common table. Well done, well done, indeed!” – David Haas, composer “Kolar’s well-crafted musical phrasing of the texts is faithful to the natural speech patterns of both Spanish and English.” – Bob Hurd, composer “ absolute joy to play. The vocal range is excellent for the assembly. It is a work of art!” – Mary Frances Reza, composer

“The genius of Misa Luna rests in its sensitivity to form and text, whose substantial and satisfying music stands on its own in either English or Spanish.” – Paul French, Director, William Ferris Chorale

“[Misa Luna] is beautiful! Seamless! It was composed very skillfully in the way it can be played in either style. Bach would’ve been very proud!” – Lourdes Montgomery, Composer

“...a rare achievement in liturgical music. Most importantly, it is eminently singable by the assembly. But in addition, the Misa Luna is user-friendly for any parish music group. It works beautifully with a cantor and keyboard, but also has wonderful counter melodies and instrumental lines that will delight a full choir and instrumental ensemble. The musical writing is top notch and inventive. Well-trained musicians will appreciate the Baroque underpinnings of the piece; everyone will appreciate the simple, straight-forward ostinato/Taize feel. Peter gives you a full mass setting, not just bits and pieces. He also gives you language options: English only, Spanish only, and bilingual. There isn't anything he hasn't thought of! The Misa Luna is a gem and a must-have for any parish." – Susan Greene, Director of NPM Convention Eucharist Choir, Sacramento CA, August 2006

“...wonderfully accessible to parishioners. From its jubilant, fugal sections to its beautiful, flowing lines, Misa Luna will certainly enhance the worship experience.” – June Matayoshi, Oboist, The Joffrey Ballet, Chicago

“Peter Kolar's Misa Luna is one of the best Mass settings I've ever encountered. It is a musical master-work, with predictable chord patterns that make it instantly singable for assemblies who have no prior experience with this music. It is also true to the liturgical texts in both English and Spanish, and can be sung in both languages simultaneously. In other words, it is an “assembly friendly” Mass setting. – Anna Belle O'Shea, former Director of Liturgies and Music for the Office for Divine Worship, Archdiocese of Chicago

“I really can’t say enough of how well the CD is laid out. The arrangements are so simple and easy to learn that any congregation will be able to sing these parts in no time at all. The melodies and structures of the acclamations are very easy to learn. The quality of the recordings and voicing of instruments and singers is superb. A CD such as this that covers both traditional and contemporary recordings of the same songs and in both English and Spanish has been long overdue. This CD recording certainly speaks for itself. Well done, Peter!” – Kerry McMasters, Grapevine Online

Traditional Style / Estilo Tradicional

Kyrie: Lord, Have Mercy Listen
Sprinkling Rite Listen
Glory to God (English) with Fanfare Listen
Gloria a Dios (Español) Listen
Gospel Acclamation Listen
Lenten Gospel Acclamation Listen
General Intercessions Listen
Preface Dialogue Listen
Holy, Holy, Holy Listen
We Proclaim Your Death Listen
When We Eat This Bread Listen
Save Us, Savior of the World Listen
Doxology and Great Amen Listen
The Lord's Prayer Listen
Lamb of God Listen



Contemporary and Folkloric Style / Estilo Contemporáneo y Folclórico

Kyrie: Señor, Ten Piedad                                                    Listen
Rito de la Aspersión del Agua Listen
Gloria a Dios (Español) Listen
Glory to God (English) Listen
Aclamación del Evangelio Listen
Aclamación Cuaresmal del Evangelio Listen
Plegaria Universal Listen
Diálogo del Prefacio Listen
Santo Listen
Anunciamos Tu Muerte Listen
Cada Vez Que Comemos Listen
Por Tu Cruz Listen
Doxología y Gran Amén Listen
El Padre Nuestro Listen
Cordero de Dios Listen
Children’s Euch. Accl. 1, English  Listen
Children’s Euch. Accl. 2, English Listen
Children’s Euch. Accl. 3, English Listen
Children’s Euch. Accl. 4, English Listen
Children’s Euch. Accl. 1, Español Listen
Children’s Euch. Accl. 2, Español Listen
Children’s Euch. Accl. 3a, Español Listen
Children’s Euch. Accl. 3b, Español Listen
Children’s Euch. Accl. 4, Español Listen
Children’s Euch. Accl. 5, Español Listen


Misa Luna Keyboard/Vocal Edition - regular print, click here
Misa Luna Keyboard/Vocal Edition - click & print click here
Misa Luna Guitar/Vocal Edition - regular print, click here
Misa Luna Guitar/Vocal Edition- click & print click here

Misa Luna Assembly Card, click here
Misa Luna CD, click here

Misa Luna - Instrument Part for Flute (C Instrument 1) - Coming Soon
Misa Luna - Instrument Part for Oboe (C Instrument 2) - Coming Soon
Misa Luna - Instrument Parts for Trumpet 1 in C, Bb, and A - Coming Soon 
Misa Luna - Instrument Parts for Trumpet 2 in C and Bb - Coming Soon

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