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Children of the Light: Catechumenate Sessions for Children and Families - La Scola

Composer: Blessie La Scola
Format: Spiral Bound Book and CD-ROM
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We, the Church, are to welcome and invite those children who have not yet been baptized, have come to an age of understanding, and are of catechetical age to be a part of the process of faith formation. This manual encourages directors of faith formation and catechists to be creative and to draw on their own faith experiences as they prepare children to receive the sacraments of initiation through the RCIA as adapted for children.

This second volume of the Children of the Light resource builds on the children’s evolving faith formation first explored in the precatechumenate period and developed in the first volume. These 28 sessions offer ways to explore each topic as part of a continuous and ongoing process, including gathering prayers, scripture readings, games or icebreakers, hands-on activities, reflective responses by the participants, and closing prayer rituals. Each session begins with a summary of its purpose, a brief section of catechist formation, and ideas for setting the environment. A template for a letter home is also provided for each session. An optional “Remembering Back” section is included for some of the sessions to provide an introduction to the experience of mystagogy. The enclosed CD-ROM contains all of the handouts, worksheets, and letters to parents found on the printed pages of the book, making this a convenient, easy-to-use resource for RCIA ministers, directors of faith formation, and catechists alike.

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