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Celebremos/Let Us Celebrate - Spanish and Bilingual Music USB Drive

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WLP proudly presents the ¡Celebremos!/Let Us Celebrate!® CD recording, a compilation of the Spanish and bilingual music offered in the ¡Celebremos!/Let Us Celebrate!® missal and hymnal. This collection encompasses the entire Spanish/Bilingual volume of the accompaniment edition and the Spanish/bilingual titles from the Service Music volumeā€”in all, more than 300 titles! From learning melodies to identifying and emulating particular styles of music, ¡Celebremos!/Let Us Celebrate!® is a valuable learning tool for both musicians who rely on their "ear" to learn music as well as for skilled music readers. Written and arranged by various well-known composers, the songs in ¡Celebremos!/Let Us Celebrate!® resonate with many cultures throughout Latin America and around the world. ¡Celebremos!/Let Us Celebrate!® ensures that the rich heritage of Hispanic liturgical music lives on.

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