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The Clown of God Video

Composers: Peter Fisher Hesed and Thomas Kavanaugh
Format: Video
Product: 008181
ISBN: 978-1-58459-204-4
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World Library Publications' presentation of The Clown of God is a contemporary retelling of the French legend of a juggler who offers the Christ Child the only gift he has--his talent. The engaging performance presented here was filmed on location at St. William Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, as part of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians convention in July 2003.

Set to an original score by Peter Fisher Hesed and Thomas Kavanaugh, with narrator text by Tomie dePaola, The Clown of God is the story of the adventures of Giovanni, a poor boy whose ability to entertain brings him renown. Through the use of mime, simple settings and costumes, and an orchestra and chorus, the people he meets on his journey through the years come alive. The message is that God’s love is simple, straightforward, and more powerful than we ever expect.

Rarely is a presentation as deeply moving as this simple fable of a clown who gives the best of himself. The Clown of God is ideal viewing for religious education classes, youth groups, music and drama programs, and parish gatherings. Or, use this video presentation and the companion orchestral or small ensemble score to inspire a live performance in your own community. Any audience would want to share this touching story of a simple soul who reaches the heart of God.

VHS, 40 minutes
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Secondary Language:  English
Length:  40 minutes

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