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Misa Luna Assembly Card - Kolar - 2018 Revision

Composer: Peter M. Kolar
Format: Assembly Card
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Misa Luna Revision per the Misal Romano

WLP’s premier bilingual Mass setting, Misa Luna by composer Peter Kolar, has undergone substantial revisions based on the recently released Misal Romano. The composer has worked diligently these past several months to adapt and prepare Misa Luna so that it conforms to the official texts in English and Spanish. The revision has already received approval for publication from the U.S. Bishops Committee on Divine Worship. The existing version of Misa Luna (from 2011) will be replaced by the “2018 revision,” complete with new product numbers for its various editions (see list below).

Misa Luna Additional Improvements

In addition to the required updates to the music and its texts, you’ll find enhancements to Misa Luna, in particular, a new bilingual Gloria. The existing monolingual Gloria settings in English and Spanish—each with their unique melodies and structure—will remain intact, but a third, bilingual option will be included enabling it to be sung readily in both languages. You’ll also find a new chanted setting for the third form of the Penitential Act, new presider’s invitations to the Memorial Acclamations, and updated acclamations for the Eucharistic Prayer for Masses with Children II.

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Misa Luna Keyboard/Vocal Edition - regular print, click here
Misa Luna Keyboard/Vocal Edition - click & print click here
Misa Luna Guitar/Vocal Edition - regular print, click here
Misa Luna Guitar/Vocal Edition- click & print click here

Misa Luna Assembly Card, click here
Misa Luna CD, click here

Misa Luna - Instrument Part for Flute (C Instrument 1) - Coming Soon
Misa Luna - Instrument Part for Oboe (C Instrument 2) - Coming Soon
Misa Luna - Instrument Parts for Trumpet 1 in C, Bb, and A - Coming Soon 
Misa Luna - Instrument Parts for Trumpet 2 in C and Bb - Coming Soon

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