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First and Final vol 2: Introductions Interludes and Free Accompaniments

Composer: Edward Eicker
Format: Songbook
Instruments: Organ
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Following up on his previous volume of hymn accompaniments, this is another very practical collection. Each hymn tune is provided with a brief introduction and a free harmonization which can be used for a Final stanza. A modulation is also provided for each tune that takes the hymn up one step followed by the same free harmonization in the new key. Any one of the four items provided for the hymns can be used by itself, or in any combination with the others. Includes DIADEMATA; GOTT VATER SEI GEPRIESEN; GROSSER GOT; KREMSER; LASST UNS ERFREUEN (a different version than in Vol. 1); LAUDA ANIMA; NUN DANKET; ST. COLUMBA; ST. DENIO; and THE ASH GROVE.
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