By the Waters of Babylon: Psalm 137

Composer: Paul Tate
Format: Octavo
Voicing: SATB Choir; Descant; Assembly; Cantor
Instruments: Guitar; Keyboard
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Year B of the Lectionary cycle offers us a rare occasion to proclaim the beautiful psalm of lament, "let my tongue be silenced if I never forget you" (Psalm 137), occurring on the Fourth Sunday of Lent.  The lyrical refrain uses soaring phrases and melodic nuance to its fullest.  Choral parts on the verses utilize anchored pitches to take you on a clever harmonic voyage underneath the cantor melody.  The final verse provides a natural buildup into the final refrain underscored by Tate's expert piano writing, and the piece ends with whispers of the refrain echoing the sentiment of the psalm.  The flowing 6/8 rhythm is piano-driven but especially enhanced by guitar, bass and light percussion.
Topic:  Commitment; Covenant; Perseverance; Psalmody; Psalms
Sunday of the Year:  Lent 4 Year B
By the Waters of Babylon Listen
More information:
Series Title:  Contemporary Series
First Line:  Psalm 137;
By the waters of Babylon we shall cry, we will rest and remember Zion

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