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Ven, Oh Espirítu/Come, Holy Spirit/Halina Espiritu

Composer: Lorenzo Florián; arranged by Peter M. Kolar
Format: Octavo
Voicing: Cantor, Asamblea; Cantor Assembly
Instruments: Instrumento en Do, Guitarra, Piano; optional C Instrument; Guitar, Piano
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An organic and memorable tune in a call-and-response form. Ideal for churches wishing to use or introduce bilingual music to their repertoire for ordinary or special liturgies. The octavo includes the refrain in Spanish, English, and Tagalog.
Topic:  Children; Discipleship; Gifts of the Spirit; Holy Spirit; Initiation; Kindness; Love; Ministry; Mission; Pentecost; Praise; RCIA; Renewal; Unity; Wisdom
Liturgical Season:  Pentecost
Sunday of the Year:  Pentecost; Ordinary Time 26 Year B
Rites and Devotion:  Baptism; Confirmation
Ven, Oh Espiritu/Come, Holy Spirit/Halina Espiritu  Listen
This octavo is from the recording "La Familia de Dios".
Series Title:  Cantos del Pueblo de Dios Octavo Series
Arranger:  Peter M. Kolar
First Line: 

Ven, oh Espíritu, Ven oh Espíritu, estoy aquí, estoy aquí.; Come, Holy Spirit, Come Holy Spirit, I wait for you, I wait for you.; Halina Espiritu, Halina, Espiritu, aantayinka, aantayinka.

Secondary Language:  Spanish, Tagalog
Size:  7x10
Length:  10 pages

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