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Fiesta: Celebrations at San Fernando

Director: Thomas A. Kane
Format: Video
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ISBN: 0-8091-8276-9
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This video celebrates the vibrant liturgical life of San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas. Throughout its history, the Cathedral has always been a place where people celebrated the unique beauty of their culture and heritage. When people were often not accepted by the wider society, they knew they could always be themselves and be at home at San Fernando. The beautiful and colorful rites within the cathedral often spill outside onto the streets and plazas of the historic center of the city.

This video is a taste of how San Fernando Cathedral celebrates during the course of the year, including the Flamenco Mass and the compelling and dramatic services of Holy Week. It will inspire and encourage you to create and imagine rituals that will express the beauty of who we all are within the greatest traditions of our Church. VHS, 49 minutes.
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Secondary Language:  Spanish
Length:  49 minutes
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