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Campanas de Belen/Bells of Bethlehem - Click & Print

Composer: Samuel Milligan
Format: Click & Print Octavo
Voicing: SATB Choir
Instruments: Organ
optional Glockenspiel; Handbells; Harp
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Background notes:
"Campanas de Belén" is an example of the very popular musical form of a villancico, which is made up of a refrain (estribillo) alternating with verses (coplas or estrofas).  The verses can be musically identical, or, as in this piece, different for each verse.  The villancico can appear with any kind of text, but the Christmas villancico, which originated in the Spanish region of Andalucia, is especially popular.  Today the term villancico is synonymous with Christmas carol.
Topic:  Christmas; Midnight Mass
Liturgical Season:  Christmas
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Performance Note:
If needed, the glockenspiel part can be simplified by playing the upper notes only.
Instrumental parts may be purchased.
Series Title:  Lee Gwozdz Cathedral Choir Series
Arranger:  Samuel Milligan
First Line:  Andalusian carol
Bell upon bell I hear ringing, and even more bells are singing.
Campana sobre campana, y una campana sobre.
Secondary Language:  Spanish
Length:  12 pages
Copyright:  English translation and arrangement copyright © 2001, World Library Publications
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