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Consoliere Classic Volume I: Freeworks for Organ

Composer: Alison Luedecke, editor
Format: Organ Book
Instruments: Organ
Product: 003060
ISBN: 0-937690-38-4
Unit: Each
Price: $12.00
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Responding to the pastoral needs of church musicians, Luedecke researched WLP's extensive organ library and edited five volumes of music that are musts for any church organist. This first volume includes: "Solemn Processional" (Boëllmann), "Pavane" (Byrd), "On the Divine Presence" (Felciano), "Passcaille" (Fischer), "A Child's Prayer" (Goemanne), "Aria for the Elevation" (Paganelli), "Fuge or Voluntary" (Selby), "Voluntary" (Smith), "Monastic Meditation" (a Trappistine Nun), and "Gigue" (Zipoli).
Aria for the Elevation: Giuseppe Paganelli  Listen
Fuge or Voluntary: William Selby  Listen
Voluntary: John S. Smith  Listen
Solemn Processional (Léon Boëllman); Pavane (William Byrd); On the Divine Presence (Richard Felciano); Passacaille (Johann Fischer); A Child’s Prayer (Noël Goemanne); Aria for the Elevation (Giuseppe Paganelli); Fugue or Voluntary (William Selby); Voluntary (John Stafford Smith); Monastic Meditation (A Trappistine Nun); Gigue (Domenico Zipoli)

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