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Consoliere Classic Volume VI: Hymn-based Organ Works

Composer: Alison Luedecke
Format: Organ Book
Instruments: Organ
Product: 003066
ISBN: 1-58459-213-3
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This volume includes: "Nicaea" (Goemanne), "Introduction and Variations on O PERFECT LOVE" (Proulx), "Petite Partita on KREMSER" (Schaffner), "GROSSER GOTT" (Schaffner), “"All Things Bright and Beautiful" (Schaffner), "MIT FREUDEN ZART" (Hemmer), "Postlude on JEFFERSON" (Owens), "Rathbun" (Elrich), "Rendez à Dieu" (Huijbers), "LÜBECK/GOTT SEI DANK" (Hegedus), and "Prelude on LOBE DEN HERREN" (Diemer).
”The 'Introduction and Variations on O Perfect Love' by Richard Proulx is particularly effective and a nice addition (although originally published in 1973) to the wedding repertory...The 'Petite Partita on Kresmer' is rather fun to play (manualiter) and contains some nice counterpoint and registration...Expressive and rather contemplative, the setting of 'Rathbun' by E.J. Ulrich is also interesting...Emma Lou Diemer's 'Prelude on Lobe den Herren' is rhythmically driving and makes use of irregular rhythmic patterns as well as rich polychordal harmonies.” --- Richard A. Konzen, DMA, The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians (January 2006)
Nicea (Goemanne); Introduction and Variations on O Perfect Love (Proulx); Petite Partita on Kresmer (Schaffner); Grosser Gott (Schaffner); All Things Bright and Beautiful (Schaffner); Mit Freuden Zart (Hemmer); Postlude on Jefferson (Owens); Rathbun (Ulrich); Rendez à Dieu (Huijbers); Lübeck/Gott Sei Dank (Hegedus); Prelude on Lobe de Herren (Diemer)
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