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Resoundings! Hymn Book

Composer: Perry Nelson
Format: Print
Product: 003420
ISBN: 978-1-58459-316-4
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Hymn tunes by one of today's most gifted and important new composers, with texts by various contemporary authors.
With this collection of tunes, some of which have also been published in anthem form, Perry Nelson has now emerged as an important composer. Along with his technical training and his years of experience as a church musician, he brings a fine sensitivity to the texts with which he works. As those who use this volume will discover, his tunes respond beautifully to the message and movement of the words. Text and tune form a compatible, mutually enriching marriage. Together they will help congregations experience the truth of Augustine's phrase: ”Whomever sings prays twice”
Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr.
God the Spirit, Guide and Guardian; Those Lives That We Have Treasured; You Walk Along Our Shoreline; In Silent Slumber, Angels Come; Loving Spirit, Loving Spirit; Before You Loosed Creation’s Light; All We Cherish Most Is Passing; Child of God, I Now Have Chosen; Christ, the Word before Creation; Help Us Forgive, Forgiving Lord; How Long, O Lord, How Long?; How Small Our Span of Life, O God; O God of Life, the Vast Creation; Still as Dew Falls on the Meadow; Voices Raised to You We Offer; Bring Peace to Earth Again; Your Hand, Though Hidden, Guides Us; Listen to the Cloud That Brightens; Make Our Church One Joyful Choir; Our Savior’s Infant Cries Were Heard; The Cross on the Hill Is the Measuring Rod; The Hands That First Held Mary’s Child; The Sheep Stood Stunned in Sudden Light; The Word of God Was from the Start; View the Present through the Promise; We Need Each Other’s Voice to Sing; What King Would Wade through Murky Streams; With Pipes of Tin and Wood Make Known

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