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Mysteries Songbook

Composer: Danielle Rose; Transcribed by Keith Kalemba and Michele vonEbers
Format: Print
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ISBN: 1-58459-216-8
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Compositions inspired by a personal devotion to the rosary, Pope John Paul II's proclamation of the new set of Luminous Mysteries, and the scriptural stories and mysteries of the lives of Jesus and Mary. For guitarists, chord diagrams appear at the top of the page for each song. Suggested fingerings for the right and left hand have been added for chord transitions and finger-picking style patterns. Special, detailed instruction is provided for replicating Danielle’s unique guitar style of alternate tunings on several selections.

True Love

THE JOYFUL MYSTERIES; Let It Be Done unto Me; Jesus Within You; Star of Bethlehem; Simeon's Joy; The Finding

THE LUMINOUS MYSTERIES; Behold the Lamb of God; Wedding at Cana; The Kingdom of God Is at Hand; Listen to Him; A Love Song from Jesus

THE SORROWFUL MYSTERIES; Agony in the Garden; Crucify Him; Crown of Thorns; Crown of Thorns (Hymn Version); Holiness Is Faithfulness; A Mother's Song

The GLORIOUS MYSTERIES; Easter Morning; Rejoice!; Be God's; With You in Heaven; Queen of Peace

Hail Holy Queen

Reason to Believe

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