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Paul F. Page, composer, teacher, performer, divides his time among teaching English at Saratoga High School in Saratoga, California, directing an adult and children's church choir, performing as an organist and vocal soloist, and composing music. He has conducted music workshops throughout the country since 1973. His original music has been published most recently by World Library Publications, Mark Foster Music, Curtis Music Press, KJOS Music, the Oregon Catholic Press, Hinshaw Music, Hope Publishing, Lorenz Publishing, and CynMar Publications, his own production company. A number of his works have been performed and recorded in Europe and Canada as well as in the U.S.

Mr. Page has toured Europe on six occasions with the Santa Clara Choral Spectrum, an ad hoc choir he formed and conducted. His school choir from Saratoga High performed for the Pope in 1982. He has adjudicated choral festivals in Feldkirche and Vienna, Austria. His "Blessing" has been widely performed in Europe and the U.S. and has been sung in Russian and German. It has been featured on Austrian radio on several occasions since 1982. In 1996 ASCAP awarded Mr. Page a special stipend for his contributions to liturgical choral music. Excerpts of his choral music appear in university conducting texts that have been published in this country and in Spain.

For his contributions to liturgical music - including 29 years as music director at St. Lucy's Church in Campbell, California - he was honored with the "Benedictus" Award, the highest award presented by the San Jose Diocese for liturgical music achievement. His composition "In Celebration" was accorded top honors in a national competition in 1989.

Mr. Page's cantata "Wind Of Life" premiered in the spring of 1993 and was followed by the publication of three of its movements by World Library Publications in its "Spiritus" collection. In addition, "Hear Our Prayer" and "Like Incense Before You" were published in 1994 and the "Litany of Saints" appeared in print in the Spring of 1995 in the acclaimed collection "We Celebrate." An extensive collection of liturgical mantras based on Psalm texts was published in the Summer of 1997 by World Library Publications and two pieces for children, "Sing Alleluia" and "This Is The Day," from the new collection "Children Of The Light" was released in the Fall of 1997.

Mr. Page has also completed an extensive song cycle in collaboration with internationally renowned poet Judith Lyn Sutton. He has also finished "On A Clear & Starry Night", a collection of 9 Divertissements and a Sonata for English horn and piano.

Mr. Page holds a Master's degree in Liturgical Music from Santa Clara University.