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Chosen in Christ/Elegidos en Cristo Music Book

Editor: Compiled and edited by Jerry Galipeau
Format: Spiral-bound Songbook
Product: 017245
ISBN: 1-58459-167-6
Unit: Each
Price: $24.95
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Chosen in Christ/Elegidos en Cristo is a complete music resource for the celebration of the rites of Christian Initiation for English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, and bilingual parish communities. Many of these pieces have appeared in WLP's time-tested worship resources and are sure to bring life to the various rites that are at the heart of the initiation process. Unique to this resource are the pastoral and performance notes, written in English and Spanish, which introduce each of the sections dealing with the major rituals. Each piece includes a keyboard arrangement and contains chord symbols for the guitarist. This resource will assist presiders, parish musicians, initiation ministers, and liturgy planners in the preparation, implementation, and celebration of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Composers represented in this collection include Sterling Picard, James Marchionda, Lucien Deiss, Lorenzo Florián, Jerry Galipeau, Alan Hommerding, Peter Kolar, Pedro Rubalcava, Carl Johengen, Howard Hughes, Laura Dankler, Lisa Stafford, John Olivier, Paul Page, Steve Warner, Kevin Keil, Joe Mattingly, and Michael Ward.

Also available is a companion recording on 2 CDs
Topic:  RCIA
Rites and Devotion:  Rite of Acceptance; Rite of Election
Blessed Be God (Marchionda); Blessed Be God (Krauhenbuehl); Glory and Praise to You; Gloria, Honor a Ti; By This Sign; Honor y Gloria a Ti; La Cruz de Cristo/The Cross of Christ; Gloria u Alabanza/Glory and Praise to You; Padre de Bondad/O God of Goodness; Vamos a la Casa del Señor; Vengan, Vengan/Come Now, Enter; Trilingual Intercessions; Bilingual Intercessions; We Send You Forth; Go Now in Peace; May You Cling to Wisdom; Vayan en Paz; Go Now in Peace; If Today You Hear the Voice of God; Con la Cruz; Oye el Llamado; You Chosen Ones; Bendito y Alabado/Bless Be the Name of God; Treasures Out of Darkness/Tesoros Ocultos; Bendito Sea Dios/ O Blessed Be Our God; Intercessions for the Elect; Óyenos, Señor/Hear Us, O God; Three Litanies for the Scrutnies; From Ashes to the Living Font; Send Us Flowing Water, Lord; In the Light; On the Wings of Change; Fuente de Agua Viva; You Have Put on Christ (Olivier); You Have Put on Christ (Hughes); Acclamation for Baptism; Aclamación Bautismal/Acclamation for Baptism; I Saw Water Flowing; Waters of Life; Vi que Manaba Aqua; Fieles Te Alabamos/Faithful, We Come to Praise You; Creo en Dios Padre; Un Solo Señor; Con el Agua, Con el Espíritu/In This Water and In the Spirit; Come, O Spirit, Come; I Have Been Anointed; Ven, Oh Espíritu/Come, Holy Spirit; Spirit Move Upon the Waters

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