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Singing FUNdamentals The Child's Voice DVD

Artist: Lee Gwozdz
Format: DVD
Product: 007183
ISBN: 1-58459-080-7
Unit: Each
Price: $50.00
Availability: Currently in Stock
The Child's Voice distills years of conducting and training experience into an invaluable 50-minute DVD. Lee describes the different types of voices a director encounters (the normal voice, the damaged voice, and the uncertain voice), and shows how to assess each voice and help the singer make music. Using his children's choir as a model, he demonstrates exercises that support his pyramid for good choral singing: posture, breathing, tone, embouchure, and diction.
Topic:  Children

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Series Title:  Singing FUNdamentals
Secondary Language:  English
Length:  45 minutes   (VHS)
Copyright:  World Library Publications, 2001

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